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Mukluk Retread

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With a nod to some excellent directions found online at posted by Greg Weiss in 2017, Cyndie took her kitchen skills out into the shop over the weekend to resole her favorite Steger Mukluks. The original petroleum-based material on the sole can become dysfunctionally sticky as it ages, while the rest of the boot holds up almost as good as new.

To avoid a long wait for having someone experienced to the job for her, Cyndie bravely chose to do it herself.

She just recently finished her first attempt at a classic Swedish princess cake that turned out spectacular and received rave reviews. How hard could it be to resole a mukluk? She procured all the ingredients on the “recipe” and printed out the directions. Instead of an apron in the kitchen, she was wearing overalls in the shop.









In order to assure the 3M marine adhesive sealant fully cures before testing the durability of the added rubber bits, the plan is to leave the boots alone for at least a week. I’m inclined to suggest a thin overcoat of the remaining sealant if she is willing to wait an additional week of curing.

Even if the project takes a month, it is still a year quicker than the waiting list to have someone experienced to do it for her.

Watching her work, I had to resist an urge to see how it tasted when she was done.



Written by johnwhays

January 10, 2022 at 7:00 am

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