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Stall Averse

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It has come to our attention that Mix does not like being in a barn stall. She really, really doesn’t like being in a stall. Being in a stall causes her to have a temper tantrum. She kicks when she has tantrums.

We were expecting a visit from a farrier yesterday morning, so in anticipation we decided to put their halters on and bring them inside out of the falling snow to feed them breakfast. When the farrier arrived it would be easy to bring them out one at a time.

Except, it turned out the farrier needed to reschedule. By the time we got back to the barn to let the horses back outside, Mix had kicked a couple side boards into Swings’ stall next door.

She didn’t stop there. She also shattered boards of the corner hay bin I built.

Mix doesn’t like being in a stall.

It pains me to consider what bad memories of being in a stall might be triggering her reaction. She flipped out the first time we brought them all in but eventually calmed down and spent the night. I’m not sure why yesterday seemed to be so much worse for her.

Now we know of a project we can work on after I repair the damage. We would like to teach all the horses that the stalls are a safe place for them.

Sometimes, Cyndie “hears” messages from horses. In this case, I wish she could convey the message to Mix that there is no need to panic in the stall. Or, at the very least, “Please don’t kick out the boards when you tantrum.”

Looks like I need to study up on “horse-proof construction.” I’m going to need some bigger screws.



Written by johnwhays

January 6, 2022 at 7:00 am