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Archive for January 11th, 2022

Reversing Perspective

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After our last meager accumulation of snow, we have had a few days of high winds creating small hard-packed drifts that serve as perfect surfaces for wildlife tracks. Using Delilah’s prints (that mostly break through the crust) for reference, I can tell the other recent traffic was smaller than her. And me.

The most likely first set aligns with our frequent sightings around the property: neighbor cats. My guess on the other prints is a fox.

I took a closeup of a couple of the smaller prints and got another perfect specimen for the optical illusion of “reversing perspective.”

You can either see the prints as raised bumps in the snow as if the light is shining from the upper left, or you can see them as they truly are, depressions with the light coming from the bottom left.

How flexible is your mind? Are you able to flip the perspective at will and alternatingly see it from both perspectives? Oftentimes, switching from one to the other can be hard for our vision to do.



Written by johnwhays

January 11, 2022 at 7:00 am