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Thinking Seriously

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We are currently doing some serious thinking about making significant changes, not just around here, but in our lives. It is an exercise in re-examining everything, because one thing leads to another, due to the connectedness of all things.

We may not change everything all at once, but just like the series of changes we enacted to bring ourselves to where we are today, a shift in focus, and the first step we take, will likely kick off a metamorphosis toward a new chapter of which we have yet to comprehend.

In the middle of it all, horses. Our precious horses.

It is unconscionable that we would even think of turning our attention away from them. But, in our situation, they just might be the first to go.

This is a really hard thing to contemplate.

Those who doubted our sanity when we set off on this adventure of moving from our home in the suburbs, where family, life-long friends, and gainful employment were close at hand, to a rural location with uncertain dreams of using horses to help others, will now be able to have their opinions validated.

That’s not supposed to matter to the dreamers of the world, but the thought still occurs.

I am able to use the priceless experiences I have had over the last seven years as contented justification for our adventures thus far. Would there have ever been a “completion” for what we set out to accomplish? I’m not entirely sure, although I had visions of possibilities that it appears will go unrealized.

Is there ever really a completion of our endeavors, or is it all an ongoing process?

If we no longer have horses here, it will certainly feel like a completion, but it could just as well be perceived as a new beginning.

It’s complicated.

As such, we are giving it all some serious thinking. Indoors. By the fire. While it snows and snows and snows outside.



4 Responses

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  1. We are certainly reminded to embrace the journey and accept that as the completion of the task. The “be here now” idea that Ram Dass taught us. Your experiences are certainly in line with we don’t really know where we will end up when we begin. But as Ian says, spring will come. As you know we are in the middle of remodeling our home in the country. We have had a very large amount of rain the past few days and I just noticed that the propane tank that was recently buried in the yard is rising out of the ground. Then tank doesn’t have propane in as of yet and I can say for once that I’m glad the contractor isn’t done yet because he will need to do something about the propane tank rather than me. Oh my, as you know life in the country is an adventure.

    Jim Parker (@drjparker)

    February 23, 2019 at 12:51 pm

    • Oh, I totally empathize with your challenges related to the remodel. Thank you for commenting. Each message we receive helps us in the process of healthily framing our perspectives about what we are experiencing. I feel lucky that Cyndie and I are well able to understand and interpret the big picture of this adventure of our always interesting life together.


      February 23, 2019 at 1:44 pm

  2. This too shall pass… look into the fire and imagine the Spring – chances are it will be the most beautiful ever… Nature loves to play this game with us and we come to feel renewed like never before.

    Ian Rowcliffe

    February 23, 2019 at 11:25 am

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