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Leave It

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There are multiple meanings to the title, Leave It. There is always a little sadness in needing to leave the lake place, but today that is what we will be doing. There is also the old adage about poison ivy: Leaves of three, Let it be. Lastly, leaves are the theme of images for today’s post.

Starting with a sprout of poison ivy in a very inconvenient location.

A leaf shadow that seems about as perfect as the leaf itself.

There was an old oak leaf stuck to the side of this aging stand-up paddleboard.

Finally, a frame-filled immersion in the wonderful patterns of hosta leaves.

I’m going to leave it at that.

Happy Memorial Day to readers in the U.S. We will spend the day driving home and hopefully transplanting a few trilliums after we arrive.



Written by johnwhays

May 31, 2021 at 6:00 am

Two Perspectives

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This weekend’s snowfall was certainly a pretty one. There was an interesting combination of stickiness and blowing. The tops of the trees didn’t hold the snow, but the lower trunks and branches sure did.

If you’ve watched my photographic tendencies for a few years, you are probably familiar with my penchant for close, full-frame images, as well as my pattern of including one feature for accent.

Especially, leaves.

This little specimen was irresistible for the fabulous character of the fancy edges.

That wonderful leaf caught my attention because of the way it blew across the top of the snow and then just settled down in this spot, as if it was waiting for me to take the picture.

Thankfully, it stayed around long enough for me to capture it from a second perspective, which brings those fancy edges to life with added dimension.

I don’t think these two should ever be displayed one without the other. Two wonderful perspectives on one fancy leaf.



Written by johnwhays

December 3, 2018 at 7:00 am