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An Idea

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I’m thinking of trying something different for posts next week while on my annual biking and camping trip.

I will post a picture a day using my phone. The last time I tried posting by way of the small touch screen it frustrated me to no end, but hope springs eternal and I will give it another try.

So, today -while my internet connection is still throttled to almost useless speed- I am constructing a test post to see if this idea seems workable for me.

Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two about effectively navigating my nemesis the touch screen.

Old attempt at a selfie with Delilah

That is a photo that I mined from the archives made available to me after following prompts.

If this works for me now, it’ll give me confidence to try it again on the road next week, subject to signal availability and battery life.

Just an idea for continued daily chronicling of my ongoing adventures.

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June 14, 2022 at 6:00 am

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Another Test

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My previous test to learn if I can create posts on my phone to achieve my desired result taught me a few things. Yes, it is possible, but it doesn’t match posts I create on my laptop. No, I haven’t found out if I can format the text as “justified.” My images appeared, but not as a clickable link to the full size, like I want.

So, I am trying again. I am importing a full-sized image that I successfully transferred from my camera to my phone over WiFi.

The app didn’t ask the size I want the image to appear, so I need to hunt for that setting somewhere.

I chose this image of my lock in case someone can offer advice in dealing with a forgotten combination.

(Oh, I also learned how to add text to my images.)

My idea with the lock was to start at 0-0-0 and spin in a sequence that counted up to 9-9-9.

That would hit every possible number combination.

It didn’t work.

Thinking it was possible that I goofed somewhere along the sequence, I tried a second time. I started at 999 and worked my way down.

It still didn’t open.

Am I missing something?

Too bad I can’t just click a link for a forgotten combination which would then allow me to reset it to a number I might remember.



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June 11, 2019 at 6:00 am