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Risking Again

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After last week’s risky and dangerous commute home from work, I intended to be more cautious about venturing out when the weather gets wild and the roads are dicey.

However, there are some things that cause us to push that envelope of safety, like, say… a funeral for a family member. That is what we were faced with yesterday. The service for Cyndie’s aunt was at a church in Plymouth, MN, not far from the location of my day-job.

I stepped out to clean off the front steps yesterday morning, and soon learned the snow was coming down so fast that the areas where I shoveled were getting covered right back up in minutes. That caused an alert that our drive to the cities was going to take much longer than normal.

I rushed inside to let Cyndie know that we needed to depart as soon as possible, and anything she was hoping to accomplish before leaving needed to be immediately re-evaluated as to whether it was more important than possibly missing the funeral.

It was another day of crash-defying navigation in horrible visibility with heavy snow falling and roads slippery and snow-covered. Just the conditions I never wanted to find myself in again for a very long time. It’s exhausting.

To complicate matters, we needed to drive separately. We would both stay overnight in Edina, and I would drive to work this morning, while Cyndie will join immediate family at the cemetery for a brief burial service. After that, she will drive home to take over from our house/animal sitter, Anna, who stayed overnight at Wintervale for us.

I drove ahead of Cyndie, but kept a close eye on her in my rear view mirror. Together, we slowly made our way with barely a minute to spare, luckily avoiding the fate that we witnessed maybe a dozen times along the way, of cars losing control and crashing into the ditches all around us.

It was crazy making. It was white-knuckle gripping of the steering wheel the whole way. That kind of “edge-of-disaster” driving is really, really exhausting.

Follow that with heavy emotions of a funeral service, and that’s one heck of a draining day.

Wouldn’t you know, tomorrow we are due to get hit with another big snow event.

Something tells me I won’t be driving to work Tuesday.



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February 11, 2019 at 7:00 am

Mostly Quiet

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It’s feeling a little mixed up for us this week, because Cyndie stayed home from work yesterday to attend the funeral of our next door neighbor, Barbara Losgaard. The day felt like a Sunday all over again to us.

I wore a coat and tie to the service, and quickly became a bit self-conscious about being over-dressed. The only other person with a tie on was the man from the funeral home. There were men in jeans and even some wearing shorts. A polo shirt would have been more than adequate from the looks of the men in attendance.

DSCN2247eWith the service occurring in the middle of the afternoon, major projects were saved for another day. I was able to get out and auger in a few anchor posts that I hope will adequately hold down my second version of a wood shed. I spun them in as far as buried rocks allowed.

Other than that, things are rather quiet. The weather is gorgeous, with low dew points and cool nights creating quite a September vibe.

I tossed balls for Delilah to chase as Cyndie and I did some weeding of the landscaping around the back of the house.

Delilah is back to being on leash again, after disappearing and not responding to Cyndie’s calls as she walked our entire property in search of her. I spotted Cyndie coming down the driveway in her car, and hopped in when she said she wanted to drive around and see where Delilah went.

I figured it wasn’t going to work, because the dog was probably deep in the woods somewhere, but I was wrong. We drove up the hill, past the house where she has been seen on other occasions when she wandered. At the end of our street, I said we should just turn around and head back. The odds of seeing her from the next road weren’t worth it.

On the return approach to that neighbor’s house, Cyndie spotted Delilah searching around out in their tall grass field.

After dark last night, we took her with us for a final walk of the evening and headed down to shut the horses into the paddock. Our timing was perfect, as the glow of the rising moon was just appearing on the horizon. We decided to walk the length of the driveway so we could enjoy seeing it come up.

Just as it was about to break into view, we were presented with a spectacular streaking meteor directly above, right in the area of sky we were peering at. The Perseids meteor shower! I looked for others, but that was the only one we saw.

We needed to get in and start acting like it was a work night in the middle of the week.









Written by johnwhays

August 13, 2014 at 11:00 am