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Telling Trail

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Our darling puppy was up to mischief while I was showering yesterday. When I opened the curtain I discovered a trail of evidence strewn across the floor. Somebody was nosing around in a waste basket where they weren’t supposed to be. Who would do such a thing?

Well, our little troublemaker wasn’t smart about hiding his tracks. Asher left behind a critical piece of evidence that gave away his presence.

On Monday, it will be three weeks since we brought home our adopted pup. Cyndie shared a graphic with me that refers to a general 3/3/3 guideline of the adjustment period for a dog after adoption. Three days to decompress/three weeks to learn our routine/three months to start to feel at home.

I didn’t really notice Asher needing to decompress during those first days, but I did wonder what he must be thinking about the change. He is definitely learning our routine and adjusting to it very well, for the most part. There have been several times when he has tested our boundaries. In a couple of months, he will feel at home and hopefully by that time he will have accepted all the boundaries we established.

Today, I am on another kind of trail. I will be joining some of my cycling friends for a ride on the Dakota Rail Regional Trail, heading west out of Wayzata. I need to get serious about putting in saddle time in advance of my annual expedition on the Tour of Minnesota which happens in the middle of June.

In just a couple of blinks, June will be here. I hope the ground dries up enough by then that I will be able to mow the areas I’ve been skipping because they’re too wet.

Here’s hoping the smoke from Canadian wildfires won’t make breathing difficult for bicycling today. I rarely find myself riding with friends at the beginning of my cycling season and I’m looking forward to the chance to visit with folks while pedaling along.

At least we finally have a weekend with pleasant weather to be outdoors without a raincoat.



Written by johnwhays

May 20, 2023 at 7:00 am

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  1. You changed themes halfway through this post… but I was focused on the first part. With all your ‘training’, what happens when you turn your back? I have suffered the consequences here, too… lots of destruction, but just play in the eyes and mind of the puppy who is not really a puppy anymore. But such is life: at the end of the day, could we really live without it!!! You see, in our Maker’s great scheme of things, the dog is here to wake us up to/from our blindness; bring us back to life – although we might rant and rave in the process. Perhaps, at the end of the day… to teach us about transcending love to all creatures great and small. Ash is proving that he knows his role probably better than we do… But isn’t that his reason for being, to help us find our way in life?!? (I don’t say that in vain but rather from the point of view of a world turned upside down, only to be re-appreciated in the wake of things. Especially, as your own experience unfolds.) Great love to you both and Ash!

    Ian Rowcliffe

    May 20, 2023 at 8:35 am

    • Thank you so much, Ian! We are trying to open ourselves up to the lessons that are for us while we are trying to train desired behaviors into our rambunctious young canine.


      May 21, 2023 at 9:03 am

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