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Corporate Contrast

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While attempting to make some really delicious pumpkin fudge last week, Cyndie was aghast to discover that the weight of Nestle white chocolate chips did not equal the 12 ounces marked on the package. After pouring out two packets and placing them on the scale, she was 4 ounces short of the required amount for her recipe.

That just wouldn’t do.

It is rare that I see my lovely wife get particularly worked up over relatively minor issues, but this fall fudge recipe is not one to be careless with when it comes to portions. With an uncharacteristic furor, Cyndie fussed and fumed over the need to interrupt her baking for a trip to the nearest grocery store to get more white chocolate chips.

Next thing I know, I hear her talking to someone. She had called Nestle Customer Service to lodge a complaint!

This was getting serious. First, they told her that 10 oz. is the size they package. That didn’t fit any logic for a package clearly labeled 12 oz. Then they admonished her when she admitted the package had a “best by” date of September. She was given the option of receiving some coupons in the mail in compensation for her suffering.

The two new 12 oz. packages she purchased to finish making the fudge weighed in at 10 oz. and 11 oz.

Who knew a corporation might play fast and loose with rules?

Contrast Cyndie’s customer service experience with mine as I sought assistance from The North Face for my beloved Rock 22 tent.

I bought it so long ago that I can’t remember how old it is now, but I’d guess it’s been 10-15 years. The elastic cord in the tent poles wore out years ago and some of the fittings where the sections connect started sliding down into the tube. I shipped the two poles to The North Face warranty department and swiftly received a brand new pair of poles in replacement.

This past summer I survived two major thunderstorms inside that tent and my two-year-old patch of waterproof tape held up fine on the rainfly. Unfortunately though, one clip and a large length of seam sealing tape delaminated to an extent beyond my ability to salvage.

I figured it was time to buy a new tent but decided there was enough life left in the rest of the old Rock 22 to see if The North Face might be able to help me out. In a phone call with a real person in Customer Service, I was informed I could drop off my flysheet at their store in the Mall of America and they would send it to the warranty department in Texas for analysis.

Yesterday, Fed Ex delivered a brand new replacement rain fly for a tent that is so old it is no longer being made. No questions asked.

I rarely like to boast of fanatic loyalty to a corporation for its products but I will be hard pressed to ever feel The North Face is not worthy of whatever price they charge for their tents.

Whatever they cost, I suspect the Nestle white chocolate chips are overpriced.



Written by johnwhays

October 30, 2022 at 10:37 am

2 Responses

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  1. Wow, John. What a dichotomy in customer service! I love that Cyndie made a formal complaint…it doesn’t seem right that they should be allowed to be so misleading! And then your experience with The North Face put a huge smile on my face…it’s nice to know that some companies stand behind their products to that extent!
    I had a similar experience with the first printer I used to print my card deck. If you want to actually speak with someone in customer service, you have to make an appointment…and the closest appointment is 3 weeks out!! They want to use email only…and sorry…even though I am a writer I still like to actually speak with someone. Well, I spent WAY TOO MUCH money for a proof deck and when it arrived, I was so sad! It was not how I imagined it…it felt cheap…and it certainly was not something I would feel good sending to people! So, I cut my loses and found a new company…and I had the BEST EXPERIENCE! And I am proud to mail my card deck to any one who feels compelled to have them. And I THANK YOU my friend, I can’t wait to get your deck in the mail tomorrow!! Sweet Blessings to you and Cyndie. ❤


    October 30, 2022 at 2:45 pm

    • Thank you for describing your similar experience. So relatable! If, Then, Amen is a gift for Cyndie. The deck you have created sounds like a perfect match for her methods of honoring/exploring her intuition and our spiritual surroundings. 🙂


      October 30, 2022 at 8:59 pm

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