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Living in farm country has exposed me to the life cycle of cultivated crops and I was just commenting to Cyndie the other day how entire fields of soybeans suddenly all turn from green to yellow-brown in about a day. I wondered what it is they trigger on. The hours of sunlight? The reduced angle of the sun? Some particular overnight low temperature?

Boom. All at once, the field is no longer green.

Walking through our woods yesterday, I realized some of the ground cover that grows beneath the canopy has abruptly traded its green color for yellow.

That is a blurry photo but I am using it anyway because it still shows exactly what I’m describing.

Driving through the countryside to see the fall colors won’t show you this version of autumn. The view from within the forests of the fading greenery provides a different perspective of transformation after summer is over.

I did succeed in capturing a couple of other views from yesterday that weren’t as blurry.

It won’t be long before our boardwalk will become entirely obscured by a thick blanket of leaves. You won’t see any of the wood blocks after the maple trees drop their leaves.

The views from within the forest of the changes from summer to fall are a wonderful compliment to the brightly colored tree tops available from a distance.



Written by johnwhays

October 3, 2022 at 6:00 am