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best vest
in the west
fits over my chest
just to test
in jest
if it’s better
than the rest
except that it’s not
not by a long shot
missed the spot
the one she bought
is way too taut
left me fraught
and I forgot
it’s probably too hot
for me to be dressed
in such classy attire
to what do I aspire
decked out like a fire
dancing on a wire
looking like some kind of liar
a square wheel in a round tire
bouncing down this dirt road
carrying a heavy load
a positively charged electrode
threatening to explode
in a lame attempt to goad
some reaction à la mode
the least I could do
dressed to the nines
remember the times
the costume defines
the extent of my whines
constrained tweed confines
tight wrinkle lines
stretching the best vest
ever to grace my chest
I never would have guessed
how other people’s zest
helps me feel blessed
no matter how I’m dressed



Written by johnwhays

October 22, 2022 at 7:00 am

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