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Ten years ago today, October 18 was the very day of our arrival to this property we call Wintervale. Hoorah! I looked up our property on the county site and grabbed a couple of images from the widest span of dates available.







On the left is the year 2010 which was two years before we purchased the property. On the right is from 2021 according to the county.

I prefer the images our friend Mike Wilkus provided from his recent flyover.

I was hiking the north loop trail with Delilah, waiting for the arrival of our in-home broadband internet installer to finally connect us to the world of streaming content, and spotted this scene of pine needles carpeting the ground.

I’m sure glad that tree isn’t over our landscape pond.

As can be seen from the view perspective of Mike’s photo above, there are cultivated crop fields around us, keeping us aware that we live among farmers.

Yesterday the closest field to our south was being harvested. Something tells me we aren’t in the suburbs anymore.

That’s quite all right with me, …especially now that we are hardwired with fiber optic broadband.



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