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Outstretched Arms

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As if reaching for a hug or stretching to embrace the world before me, arms wide and heart open, I stand and gaze up toward the sky with lyrics from all my favorite songs strolling around in my increasingly foggy memory bank.

Can it be so hard
To love yourself without thinking
Someone else holds a lower card?

Free to Be, 1977 Bruce Cockburn


Holding a sense of wonder has got to be one of the great secrets of living an enlightened life. Hah! Brings to mind the great darts episode of Ted Lasso:

“Be curious, not judgemental.”

In which the main character apparently misattributes the quote to Walt Whitman.

What does the world hold for me today? It’s mostly blue sky now but that’s changed twice already since I woke up a half-hour later than usual this morning. As I was getting Delilah into her harness for her morning stroll through our woods, the sun was shining brightly into our front entrance. I grabbed my sunglasses and off we went into the not-too-cold morning air.

Halfway through the woods on our way around toward the barn to feed the horses, I fumbled to stash my sunglasses in a vest pocket. The sky was filled with clouds.

Now the clouds have disappeared again, about as fast as they had shown up a couple of hours ago.

Last night’s weather forecast for today promised high winds but they haven’t kicked up here yet. I’ve left the barn doors closed in anticipation of avoiding the dusty turmoil that blustery days can kick up in there.

Here’s to being open to whatever insights the universe happens to provide for our further enlightenment on a sunny Sunday with no firm commitments demanding our time or attention.

I’m feeling a certain pull to lay down and stare up at the clouds while listening to a random shuffle of my music library.

Imagine that.




Written by johnwhays

September 25, 2022 at 10:38 am

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