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what is going on
around here
this year
that makes any sense
discernible sense
to informed people
or last year
for that matter
last six years
last hundred years
ask the planet
how it’s going
don’t bother
it’s been telling us all along
but we don’t listen
or we do
but don’t respond
we muddle
word salads as art
successfully sprinkling love
on happy occasions
helping hands
in times of disastrous need
forgetting to follow the money
that is driving calamity
wrongheaded fears
and basic human shortcomings
weaving a fabric
deleterious to the very society
societies wish to preserve
to be anti anti-something or other
becoming a fashion statement
lacking logic
seeking a forest without the trees
assuming the sun is spinning around us
because it looks like it does
day after day
hateful behavior becoming acceptable
why not
it’s what’s been going on
around here



Written by johnwhays

September 4, 2022 at 9:17 am