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New Game

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It’s like a board game for dogs! Cyndie gave Delilah a new present to challenge her intrepid canine intellect. It started slowly, with Delilah unclear about the particulars of moving the sliding tiles to uncover the treats her nose was telling her were inside.

When it comes to doggie treats, a certain sense of urgency is demonstrated. Miss D was showing little interest in learning the nuances of this “game” with her intense focus on getting another treat between her teeth no matter what it took.

A little timid at first, Delilah used only her nose to push aside the sliding covers in order to inhale the treat as it was exposed.

Then she rose to her feet for better leverage and tried gripping at the tiles with her teeth.

Before the first session with her new game was over, she was sliding some of the pieces with her paw.

When the game came out again later in the afternoon for a second session, Delilah showed impressive improvement in refining her techniques at solving the challenges of uncovering treats. The treat for us was being able to witness her curiosity and intelligence so visibly demonstrated.

That is infinitely more satisfying than when she thrashes at our windows barking endlessly at a squirrel in the yard.



Written by johnwhays

March 7, 2022 at 7:00 am

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