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Small Stones

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In the realm of balancing stones, oftentimes, smaller ones are more challenging. While the balance might be less robust, frequent collapses are generally harmless and the re-balancing can be accomplished with minor effort. I had stones on my desk at work and would frequently close a drawer too hard and dislodge the top one in a stack of three.

There is a nurturing profundity in the exercise of repeatedly returning the stone to its previous balance.

Of course, in that instance, it was always just the top one that rolled away. A stack like the one pictured above would more likely involve them all tumbling down.

I am often intrigued by the mean time between toppling. It is a frequent surprise that a balance lasts much longer than I expect would be likely.

Small stone stacks as workspace trinkets are pretty much contradictory choices unless the desk is solid and the work is sedate. In more precarious environs, I see the small three-stone setup as available for temporary balancing diversions that can otherwise be allowed to lay around unstacked.

Three stones set in single-plane arrangements are no less enticing to a discerning eye. The energy of elements is still present.

Next time you see some eye-catching stones lying about, pick them up and experiment with balancing them, one on top of the next.

You just might find yourself keeping a stack as ornamentation on your desk.

They are pieces of our planet that provide a pleasant rock-solid reminder of our natural world for times we are stuck indoors.

And couldn’t we all do with a little more balance in our lives?



Written by johnwhays

December 22, 2021 at 7:00 am