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Exercising Outdoors

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Arms over my head, pushing to the limits of my reach and strength, I grunted like a powerlifter to gain a morsel beyond what it felt like I was able. It occurred to me that all this effort to clear snow off our roof might look like more work than reasonable, yet a similar effort lifting weights in a gym would appear to be a noble pursuit.

Why do I work so hard outside on our property when I could just join a gym and go indoors to lift weights for exercise?

Doesn’t that question just answer itself?

It was very rewarding to have our Avalanche snow “rake” work ideally for these snow conditions. I was able to use the plastic sheet attachment to bring down perfect large blocks of snow.

Here is a shot of the Avalanche in action when we first got it back in 2019:

It performed flawlessly for me again yesterday. Of course, that’s only half the job. Where the roof snow comes down at the front door and across the deck, the densely packed piles need to be shoveled away after my arms have been exhausted by the overhead pushing of the rake.

It was a day of big exercise at my outdoor gym facility, but I’m not sure I feel any stronger this morning for all that effort.



Written by johnwhays

December 13, 2021 at 7:00 am