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Thinking Contrarily

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The coronavirus variants are causing the pandemic to not go away as much as people wished it would. When not worried about a wildfire or flash floods ravaging homes, the threat of COVID continues to linger large in people’s minds. Some folks have decided to think contrarily about protecting themselves from the virus. Instead of accepting a free vaccine that is the prevailing solution for the pandemic, they decide to pay someone for a livestock dewormer.

Instead of thinking about how to protect their children from a threatening contagious illness by wearing a mask indoors, they choose to focus on how oppressive it is to be told to wear a mask and begin imagining that wearing a mask is actually harmful to their kids.

I get it. I have contrarian tendencies, myself. I choose to wear my belt so the buckle is on my side instead of front and center. Because, why not?

I’m wondering if the concept of virus variants prolonging the pandemic couldn’t contrarily be applied to variants of love that can improve the health and well-being of the human race.

What if oppressive regimes the world over were to become influenced by a new variation of love that morphed into one that overwhelmed their pillars of greed, power, and control?

What if a new mutation of common sense were to evolve and imbue the minds of people who have difficulty thinking for themselves or find it hard to recognize when a grifter is fleecing them?

What if domestic house cats overcame their urge to bother sleeping humans during the wee hours of darkness when sleep is so precious? Okay, that one is really a stretch, but there could be some variation of that tendency that is less crazy-making, couldn’t there? Please?

If thinking contrarily about controversial subjects can lead to some insane results, it seems only logical, being a contrarian, that thinking contrarily about non-controversial subjects could lead to some increasingly sensible and practical results.

A contrary decision to something good doesn’t have to be bad. It could contrarily be better than good!

Let’s put our contrarian tendencies to good use and find new ways to morph love into a continually more effective influence on the world at large.

Let love be the world religion. No dogma. No doctrine. Just L. O. V. E.





I want to hear about variants of love that are more contagious than any previous love we experienced before.

Let it command the lead story of newscasts and fill front-page headlines.

Unstoppable spread of unbelievably contagious love!

Contrary to the norm, let it be that people grow to respond with more fascination and interest to headlines like these than to the negative stories of old.

Can you say, “enlightenment?”

Oh, you contrarian, you.



3 Responses

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  1. Just a note on your livestock dewormer comment – – ivermectin can be prescribed appropriately in the US as far as I know – despite authorities denigrating its effects. It has been in use for humans for years and shown to be an antiviral agent. That said, because it was fairly recently banned in the EU we can only get it as a livestock dewormer:-)

    Ian Rowcliffe

    September 4, 2021 at 4:46 am

    • The subject is getting attention as a result of the jump in poisonings happening due to the toxicity of the large-animal doses people are choosing to gamble on. There seems to be a missing level of wisdom in the decision-making of throngs of people these days.


      September 4, 2021 at 9:50 am

      • Yes, this may be the result of much scaremongering and suppression of open dialogue. For example, there are those like me who think we should be actively developing things that repel Covid rather than trying to wipe it out which seems to be making it stronger. Note, vaccines don’t stop you getting it or from being able to spread it. They are said to ‘blunt’ its effect, but not even that in some cases: in Portugal, we have had fully vaccinated people dying of it in old people’s homes, for example. A recent study ( shows that natural immunization is much more effective than any of the vaccines against the new variants, and yet now more and more of the population, including children, are being encouraged/coerced to get vaccinated and vaccinated again, irrespective of such aspects. My point being that this policy may be creating the new variants… and actually weakening people. Let’s hope I am wrong – people here just think I am crazy . Whatever else the official line (in the UK) is that everyone will get Covid and that it is here to stay. As things stand, people are likely to become ‘pincushions’ – given we don’t discover other long term effects. Nobody knows yet…

        Ian Rowcliffe

        September 4, 2021 at 10:30 am

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