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Late Frosts

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I am not a fan of below-freezing temperatures in May. If all we had to fret over were a handful of landscape flowers near the house that we could cover with a blanket, maybe I would feel more accepting of this little quirk of nature. My problem is that we have acres of trees with fragile new leaf buds that far exceed our ability to cover.

The other morning I steered Delilah to the labyrinth so I could pay a visit to the transplanted maple tree that is in its third or fourth spring since being relocated. The leaves didn’t look overjoyed with the briskness of the morning air, but they appeared to have dodged the freeze point.

I stood beneath to radiate my body temperature and warm the air around the branches. I talked to the leaves and blew warm breath all around them.

Cyndie’s new plantings weren’t all so lucky. She had just planted in the inverted stump the day before. Didn’t last long.









The hanging plants seem okay, though.

I don’t know how much stress our unusually dry conditions for this time of year might be adding, but I wouldn’t think it helps any.

We seem to swing all too quickly from too wet to too dry conditions. Much as I complain when it gets overly muddy, I would be greatly pleased to get a serious soaking right now.

As long as it doesn’t happen during the hours when the temperature is dipping below freezing in the mornings.



Written by johnwhays

May 12, 2021 at 6:00 am

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