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I was trying to find an idea somewhere

looking under the stacks of accumulated papers

among the shoes on the floor in the closet

mixed among the randomly sorted silverware in the drawer

might as well look in the junk drawer, too, while I was at it

in the basement room I otherwise never visit

hidden in plain sight in the kitchen refrigerator upstairs

on the list of things we always intend to do someday

tucked in one of the many books I never get around to finishing

lost in the collection of well-used dog toys that no longer excite

buried in the saved emails from more than a decade back

deep in a lifetime of fading memories

or a line of some lyrics from every single song

from the shapes and colors of each different day’s clouds

in the sounds out the window of so many birds and frogs

Eeeee eeee Eee EEE eee eee eeep

but the last p is silent

just a closing of the lips without escaping any air

in the blades of green grass that invisibly grow so dang fast

in the absence of chickens and the happiness they once cast

I looked toward the horses finding too much there to grasp

on the overflowing shelves of junk in the shop and adjacent garage

along the trails through our woods and the paths around our fields

in the silence when I notice it and pause for a moment just to hear

an idea that feels a little different than the ones already formed

wrapped up in the whacky climate calamity continually playing out

publicly flaunted prejudices propagating like a raging contagion

pernicious social networks emanating a sickly stench

mindless rampant greed with its selfish intent

all battling the effervescent aromas spring hope brings once again

the voluntary charity bursting forth from entrepreneurial brilliant minds

the love most people are conveying from the goodness of their hearts

the science on display in helicopters flying around on Mars

an idea so much bigger than some guy’s stupid big lie

one that could actually make universal sense

except it’s obviously deeper than mere words can explain

communicating clearly and simply to each separate person’s mind

through fields of heart energy and the wisdom living in our guts

an idea that is more like a sound

one our instincts recognize

one we together can amplify

one that is love in resonance




Written by johnwhays

May 4, 2021 at 6:00 am