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Well Warned

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Modern meteorology provides impressive advanced warning of serious weather coming our way, but knowing about it so far in advance and hearing about the impending extremes over and over for days in a row tends to inflate the impact beyond reality.

Sure, it’s going to get cold. Thanks for letting us know. Now talk about something else.

Cyndie ordered some fancy heaters for the chicken coop, hoping they arrive quick enough to take the edge of the bitter cold our birds will be subject to with nothing but their fluffed feathers to insulate them. One protection we read about involves covering their wattles and combs with petroleum jelly to stave off frostbite. We’d have to catch them, first.

Neither of us wanted to put the chickens (or ourselves) through the added stress of that escapade.

Yesterday it was above freezing here. By Sunday, they are telling us the high temperature for the day won’t make it out of the negative digits.

We appreciate the warning.

Now I’m going to think about something else.



Written by johnwhays

February 4, 2021 at 7:00 am

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