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Good Things

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There is frost on several of our double-pane windows this morning, revealing which ones have been compromised by the ravages of time. Our thermometer read -21°(F) when Cyndie took Delilah out for a walk and to check on how the chickens fared overnight. She reported the heaters were holding the coop temperature to 1° which we consider a win.

If any eggs laid today don’t freeze before we find and collect them, it will be a double win.

It is the morning before the big NFL championship game and there’s an incredible matchup of two quarterbacks on opposite phases of their careers. I wonder how those two guys are coping with their Sunday morning before the game. I would be a nervous psychological mess.

Happily, I get to sit on my easy chair, snack on special treats Cyndie will serve up, and witness the real-time drama of professional athletes battling each other and their own nerves in the biggest game of the season.

The sun is out, as it almost always is on the coldest winter days, and it looks almost inviting outside. Since we have the luxury of a warm house for protection from the harsh elements, it isn’t scary to step outside for short jaunts. This morning, first thing, I spotted three squirrels frolicking in the high branches of our trees.

If they can deal with extreme cold, certainly we can, too.

I like to think about the good things that result from cold winter days. There are no annoying mosquitos. I will not be surprised by the sudden slithering of a garden snake. I don’t have to slather my arms and legs with sunscreen lotion.

I don’t feel guilty about staying inside to watch other people getting exercise in a sports competition while I consume unnecessary calories in the comfort of my warm abode.

Happy Superbowl Sunday!



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