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Garden Lesson

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Of all the things we have learned in our first year of growing a produce garden, one discovery is standing out larger than all the others, literally.

Cyndie was thinking of the reputation zucchini has for growing like crazy and producing more squash than home gardeners can find uses for. Instead, she naively opted for an alternative that sounded more petite: Cupcake squash.


There is nothing petite about the beast that we ended up with. It quickly climbed up and over her perimeter fencing and continues to sprawl unconstrained with some of the largest leaves we’ve ever seen. At first, all this incredible growth wasn’t producing any squash, so Cyndie did some research and discovered she needed to pollinate them herself. The bees weren’t getting it done naturally. After reading how to identify the male and female flowers, she armed herself with a cotton swab and set about giving nature an assist.

The results were soon evident.

They may be small like cupcakes, but it appears this alternate squash can be just as prolific as the prodigious abundance of the more common zucchini.

Cyndie’s looking up a recipe for cupcake squash bread right now.

I’m looking forward to her taming this cupcake monster that is taking over such a large swath of our garden and surroundings.


Written by johnwhays

August 30, 2020 at 9:36 am