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Culvert Replacement

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While we have been busy tending to multiple maintenance projects on our buildings, the Township in which we reside has been preparing to replace the drainage culverts beneath our street. Yesterday just happened to be the day the work started.

Once they got underway, there was only one option available exiting our driveway. Our route south was closed for the day.

I have no idea how they measure the need for replacing culverts, but there is plenty of evidence that our street is deserving of resurfacing. I am hoping the culvert work is simply a matter of taking care of things below ground before upgrading the surface above.

The road crew guys are never timid about flaunting their command of the right-of-way footage. They didn’t hold back at all in their reshaping of the landscape area immediately beyond the culvert where it opened up on our side of the road. I think it deserves to have some rock added there, but since they never have included that in the past, I’m suspecting they won’t again this time.

It would be great if they could toss some grass seed over the area I mow and replace the gravel where the entrance to our hayfield gate is located. I don’t know whether I have any say in how it is finished, or not. Maybe if I tell them I am a descendent of three important Pierce County families of 150 years ago it could give me a little extra clout.

Of course, when they are on location, I am 65-miles to the west at the day-job, so there isn’t much chance we’ll talk.

Cyndie is up at the lake this week, so I’ll just have to settle with whatever the road crew sees fit to do.

It is their right-of-way after all. I trust they know what they are doing.



Written by johnwhays

August 4, 2020 at 6:00 am