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That Door

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there are days when I like to pretend

I don’t know which drawer she hides her candy in

back before the virus

there were a lot of things we took for granted

it’s funny how features that haven’t changed a bit

somehow look different now

tall tales that seemed laughable when we were young and still fascinated

have grown almost scary to me now

combined with the changing angle of sunlight

and smoke from distant fires

the world is painted in a slightly different hue

it’s a long hard sigh

done more for effect than for bigger air to breathe

waiting for all the other shoes to drop

in consequence for everyone trying to make too big a hop

from one thing to another

too many humans flit around after purposeless purposes

in impassioned attempts to not settle down and allow themselves to feel

but real doesn’t simply vanish into thin air

when we neglect to slow down and actually care

for ourselves

with hymns of wailing and flailing for peace and harmony

looking for love to crawl out of our core

blossom in our bosom

if and when we come to our senses

and finally open that door



Written by johnwhays

May 7, 2020 at 6:00 am

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