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Remote Start

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Came home from work on Wednesday to find the startings of a garden growing in the house.

Guess I better figure out how I’m going to complete the terrace project for all the new plantings that will soon be sprouting.

Cyndie is even testing our soil for pH level to determine the starting point before we bring over loads of composted manure to improve the dirt.

After she worked to get the teeny, tiny seeds from packets she purchased all planted into the starter pods, there were some much larger seeds with which she wanted to experiment.

Based on inspiration from our neighbor who planted honeydew seeds he had saved from the sweetest, best-tasting grocery store melons, which ended up successfully growing to produce an over-abundance of equally delicious honeydew, she wants to try growing squash from salvaged seeds.

I will be dumbfounded if that project meets with success.

Between the multiple-pronged challenges of weather, weeds, and wildlife all conspiring to foil our first attempt at a produce garden, I think it will be a long shot for any garden harvests to be making their way to our kitchen.

I welcome the possibility of being pleasantly surprised.



Written by johnwhays

May 1, 2020 at 6:00 am