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the sound of a lone car driving a mile away
passed by at the same time as the moving image
rolled along the only road to the south
we are socially distancing in the rural countryside
the dog, the cat, the chickens and me
alone together in our middle of nowhere
I get perturbed about how much wildlife poop the dog is eating
she cherishes it as a precious morsel that highlights her day
probably just as safe
as the aged leg bones she scrounged and devoured
in the middle of the cut hay-field the other day
there is just enough wind breezing through the pines
to trigger a familiar song the needles are known to sing
it serves as a background track for the chaotic sampling
of trills, chirps, tweeting and cawing from too many birds to count
the hours of daylight are fading fast
they have to make contact before heading to their respective beds
but the spectacular sight of the setting sun is a no-show
blocked by the rainclouds looming and gloomy
preparing to claim their dominance
over my plans for the next day
me and the animals
sheltering in place
at our country paradise



Written by johnwhays

April 3, 2020 at 6:00 am

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