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Wayward Wire

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Our fence is pulling an April Fools’ prank on me. One of the plastic pin-lock wire insulators has given up the ghost at a high-stress corner post. That location sees intense UV abuse from the sun and the insulators are going on six-plus years duty. Actually, there are two insulators mounted there, so maybe the one that just failed hasn’t been in use for all six years.

It will be easy to fix by simply swapping the busted one out with an insulator from another post in a position that sees no off-line pressure. The biggest complication is that the insulators are mounted with two different screw heads, so I need to show up with a drill driver and multiple tips to get the job done, as opposed to discovering it unprepared while on a walk with Delilah.

I don’t know why the fence installers didn’t run the wires on the outside of that corner post like they did most everywhere else. Maybe it wouldn’t look perfect because the post wasn’t installed in a precise position to allow the wire to run straight and true. As long as I’m working on it, I should just release one of the ends of all four wires and move the insulators to the outside of the post.

Of course, it’s right by the road so that passers-by get a good view of what looks like a severely neglected fence. A fence in disrepair speaks volumes about a property.

Mine won’t have much time to diss me. The repair is high on today’s list of things that will be receiving attention. Most likely I will go with the quick fix for now. It may not be ideal to make those insulators hold all that tension, but they’ve lasted this long …for the most part. They can survive like that until I become motivated to reroute them for a more permanent solution.

Regardless of whether or not the wires will travel in a perfectly straight line.

Happy April First, 2020!



Written by johnwhays

April 1, 2020 at 6:00 am