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Archive for December 18th, 2019

Defend Democracy

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For the record, lest there be any confusion over where *This* John W. Hays stands on the issue of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress by the 45th President of the United States, I believe the facts presented and the behaviors of the accused in every moment since the issues of the July 25th phone call arose are obvious and self-evident by ordinary human reasoning.

The one glaring aspect that I fail to grasp is how, out of the 198 people in the House of Representatives and the 53 people in the Senate who align with the Republican party, none of them seem able to voice the slightest conviction toward holding the President accountable to any degree that comes close to matching the seriousness of his actions.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

I wish there was a more universal urgency by ALL elected officials to defend our democracy against any threat to the integrity of our elections.

It saddens me to see our national reputation being tarnished across the world. My intuition tells me that foreign nations most hostile to our country are giddy with delight over the instability being sewn into our political process by nefarious characters who seem to be getting away with things despite the world knowing full well something is going on.

What a shame that efforts to be positive and filled with hope are daily burdened by the negative weight of all this ugliness.

I look forward to the resolution of the current proceedings and cling to hope that intelligent, decent people will uphold their oaths to defend our constitution, regardless of their party affiliations.