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Missing Teeth

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It was news to us. After Cyndie found a cat tooth on our bathroom floor, she scheduled a vet appointment for Pequenita. Yesterday, the coldest day of the week, they headed out for Nita’s big adventure.

Our wee little indoor cat has not been to the vet since we brought her home from the adoption agency. We haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary in her behavior, so there has never been a reason to have her seen, until now.

She has been eating normally, so it was just that unexpected tooth on the floor that alerted us something might be up.

We learned it wasn’t the first tooth she had lost. It was one of “quite a few” missing teeth according to the vet. Oops. I feel like a bad cat-parent, but I have learned that it’s not an uncommon occurrence for cats to lose teeth.

Pequenita is classicly stoic about hiding any discomfort she may be enduring. I guess that just means we will need to pay close attention for any hints she needs something new from us.

Cyndie said Nita was a perfect little patient at the vet and received a vaccine update shot without protest.

I’m a little jealous of our cat. I wish I could look that unaffected when I have dental issues.



Written by johnwhays

November 13, 2019 at 7:00 am