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To Ely

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We dodged the rain yesterday, but no such luck with cool temperatures. That made for good riding, but was pretty chilly for patio dining.

It was the third day of biking and our spirited group wasted no time in embarking on silly shenanigans

The subject was unaware he had been pranked with the old pat on the back sign gag.

We visited the underground mine in Tower-Sudan and some folks took a tour, but I elected to stay above ground.

The Mesabi trail passes through some gorgeous northern Minnesota forest between the mine and Ely.

One highlight for me was witnessing a squirrel dash right between Steve Reynolds’ tires. Talk about timing.

Camped in park just off Main Street in Ely, where we did some power lounging in the afternoon before dinner. Once dinner had been devoured, we headed to Red Cabin Custard for dessert.

We will stay in Ely all day today, allowing for a one-day break from pedaling, and opportunity to amass embarrassing amounts of unneeded calories.

We eat like we think we have to

then have some  more when it tastes so good



Written by johnwhays

June 18, 2019 at 6:00 am

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