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To Grand Rapids

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Commence camping!

Things did not go well in the waning moments prior to that critical point of finally heading out the door for a week of vacation.

In my last sweep of the counter after a quick lunch, I discovered ants marching to and fro.

I decided to search for ant killer that we might have stashed away from last year. Second place I looked was under the kitchen sink.

When I opened the doors, water came rolling out. Lots of it!

I have no idea where it was coming from and didn’t have time to thoroughly investigate.

I pulled everything out and mopped up, then slid a bucket into position under the drips.

What a lovely mess to leave behind.

I met Gary Larson in Edina, leaving my car at Cyndie’s parents’ house and rode with him to Grand Rapids.

It was as wonderful as ever to see the many friends and familiar faces of fellow riders and to be greeted so warmly.

Mere words can’t describe it

When you ride with us, then you know

After years of having done this

It gets more important for me to go



Written by johnwhays

June 15, 2019 at 6:00 am