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After Snow

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Here’s how it works. The low pressure system spins up a wonderful snowfall and moves on to the east. Behind that comes high pressure and clear skies, bringing with it the bitter cold air that is on vacation from the North Pole. It’s a little counterintuitive, but our coldest days are also the sunniest.

I moved the horses inside the barn last night due to the harsh conditions of -20° (F), which carries with it the threat of dangerous wind chills. We didn’t get much wind, so they probably would have been fine, but I think they appreciate the gesture whenever we provide the overnight accommodations.

dscn5588eAs soon as the sun showed up this morning, I moved the herd back outside where they could soak up what little solar energy possible in this cold. Hunter seemed happy to have access to the rest of the bunch again and wandered around pestering everyone while they tried to munch from the hay boxes in the sunny nook beneath the overhang.

Yesterday my plowing and shoveling was a mixed success. I decided to pull snow off the roof right from the start, so I would shovel the entryways only one time. It made it a significantly more arduous task, but at least I wasn’t doing it twice.

While in the middle of that chore, I heard a rumble in the driveway that turned out to be my neighbor making a couple of volunteer passes with his snowplow. Cut my workload considerably! Gave us a rare opportunity for a brief visit and catch up with local trivia. His main inquiry is almost always regarding how many deer I have seen. He proudly reported seeing a group of seven just the other day.

I couldn’t compete with that.

He left the edges and the loop around the hay shed for me to do, mentioning it like that was the favor he was doing me, not the plowing of the full length of our driveway. I thanked him profusely for his timing, as I have more to do than I can fit in a day, lately. He wasn’t aware that Cyndie is on limited duty, recovering from the knee replacement surgery.dscn5595e

About half way through the plowing I wanted to accomplish, the cable that lifts the plow blade broke. I get to fix that today in the painfully cold weather. This may be the second snowfall in a row where I don’t plow all the area around the barn that I want plowed.

It would have been nice to finish it yesterday before the worst of the cold air arrived. I’m tempted to resort to some hand shoveling to clear essential paths at the very minimum. Riding around on the ATV in these extreme temperatures isn’t that much fun.

Even though I really do love winter the most!












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December 18, 2016 at 11:15 am

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