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Seriously Wintery

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It’s seriously wintery now. In which, I’m going to need to pull some snow off the roof. How is it that snowflakes will collect facing straight down?

dscn5575ePoor Delilah is having a hard time keeping the snow from freezing between her toes. We tried getting her to wear little booties one time. She kicked them off in minutes. I wonder if she might reconsider at this point.

dscn5566eThe horses have blankets on now. Per Cyndie’s instructions, Anneliese and George put them on before heading out of town this weekend. The herd seemed pretty much in survival mode this morning, conserving their energy, hunkered down against the elements, non-stop munching hay.


I will spend the day plowing and shoveling in a biting cold winter wind. This is the winter weather that is legendary for the northland. None of that wimpy global warming stuff where we barely get below freezing and snow melts soon after it falls. That is so last year.

We’re all good again, collecting stories that we can pass on to our descendants about how cold and snowy it was back in the day.

Hopefully, I’ll survive the weekend to tell about it later.












Written by johnwhays

December 17, 2016 at 10:52 am

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