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dscn5158eThe sun set at 7:30 last night. The last two nights were chilly enough to require sleeping well-tucked under the covers. Change is upon us once again. We have color showing up in the trees. I was inspired to apply a new coat of waterproofing to my boots.

There is no doubt about what lies in store for us in the weeks ahead.

Shorter days and colder temperatures bring a shift in priorities. I need to start identifying items that shouldn’t freeze and moving them to safe storage.

It occurs to me now that I still haven’t fixed the winch on the Grizzly, which I will need for the snow plow blade this winter.

How’s that for living in the moment? I’m already thinking about snow season.

dscn5171eWhile I’m focused on the future, the sunny September weather is serving up some delicious days. It wasn’t lost on me yesterday, as I basked in the warm glowing sunshine with the cool gusts of wind.

Cyndie started the day working with clients in the arena space and later moved to the round pen. It had dried up wonderfully, allowing activities to proceed as intended.

This time of year is pretty dreamy around here, when it isn’t rainy. It’s my favorite.

At the same time, it tends to bring with it a feeling that the other shoe is about to drop.

I can feel it coming.












Written by johnwhays

September 12, 2016 at 6:00 am

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