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Tractor Timber

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IMG_iP1462eDespite the inherent risks in dealing with trees that have blown over, but remain hung up in the branches of other trees beside them, I chose to see if I could push them over using the loader on our tractor.

Whether or not it made any sense to try, I forged ahead on the idea that it just might work.

First, I needed to attach the loader bucket that I’ve recently taken to storing at one end of the hay shed.

The following is pretty much how the previous week unfolded for me, in terms of frustrations.

As I approached the hay shed on the tractor, I realized the trailer on the back of the truck was parked directly in front of the spot I needed to reach. Keys to the truck were up at the house.

I caught sight of Cyndie just crossing the yard and shouted to ask if she could grab the keys.

She turned the key and the starter stuttered the staccato clatter of “not enough battery.”

“Not again! Not now!”

IMG_iP1493eFor some unidentified reason, this happens at very unpredictable odd intervals. The truck needed to have its battery charged again. It was parked far enough away that it would require an extension cord, and then I realized the nearest outlet was dead because I had borrowed the circuit breaker last fall to use for the waterer over the winter.

I swapped out the breaker, got the battery charging, and decided to do some lawn mowing. All that served to do was intensify my frustration over the odd problem of the middle blade not cutting and the outside blades cutting low. Something more than just a broken bracket must have gone wrong when it failed last week.

I did the bare minimum of ugly mowing and then put it away to start the truck.

All that frustration before I could get to the task I intended.

Compared to those hassles, the rest of my project went swimmingly. I pulled up to the trees, lifted the bucket to test the weight, and after an initial slip, successfully pushed the trees over with a resounding crash.


Yikes. It was both scary and satisfying.

Most of all, it wasn’t frustrating.












Written by johnwhays

August 1, 2016 at 6:00 am

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