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Last night, I dreamed about discovering a submarine that demanded investigation. I and two unidentified persons ran a camera-like device around the perimeter in search of information. We pushed it as far as possible around one direction, and then switched around from the other direction.

There we found a window port, and I thought to grab a flashlight that Cyndie and I keep on the end of one counter in our kitchen. Dreams can be so convenient that way.

DSCN4723e2I shined the light into the submarine, and though seeing only emptiness similar to a sea bottom, which coincidentally looked a lot like the bottom of our landscape pond where I was mucking about last night to clean the input filter on the pump —no fish remains detected— my light beam got the attention of an occupant. A man approached the window.

He said his name was Bob. I identified myself and our party. For the life of me, I can’t recall the names I gave him for the two unidentified characters with me. I feel like one of them was Cyndie, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t name her as such.

I told Bob that it was 2016 and he said he was from 2066.

Later in the dream, because I have already lost some of the detail in my awakened state, this most memorable situation occurred. Bob taught me how to move through matter. We were against a solid wall, kneeling, I believe. He was describing how it wasn’t actually solid and there is space between atoms, as he moved his hands and head through the wall.

I held up my hands with fingers outstretched and moved them toward the wall. They broke the surface like it was water, with only a slightly increased resistance. As they moved into it, I pressed my head through, where I could then see Bob’s hands and head protruding beside me.

I remember feeling a wave of sensation washing through my whole body as I breached the wall.

This morning, I’m more inclined to feel the “wall” was the barrier between awake and asleep. I love that I was able to reach into my awake reality of our kitchen to get the flashlight to help in my asleep world beside a submarine deep under water.

Feel free to psycho-analyze this, but realize that I am the only one who can understand what this means to me. Right now, I am enjoying how easily I was accepting the possibility that a person from 50 years in the future was talking with me and teaching me how to do something supernatural.

And that I was a successful student.












Written by johnwhays

May 13, 2016 at 7:43 am

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