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Lucky Loss

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Throughout our life together, up until the purchase of our current property, Cyndie and I had never owned a parcel of land that amounted to a single acre. Now, we are responsible for 20 of them. That feels real intimidating at times. I am seeing an awful lot of things that deserve to be dealt with here, and we just can’t get to them all at once. I need to work on developing acceptance with not being able to take care of every issue I see, as soon as I see it, or I will become very frustrated.

That’s a risky proposition for me. I grew up in a home where I developed a notable ability to accept unaddressed issues. The kitchen of the house where I spent my pre-teen and high school years, was torn up when we move in, with the intent of being remodeled. My father put up metal shelves to store things on. It stayed that way until after I had moved out. It didn’t bother me one bit.

I have a recollection of there being a vice grip pliers to turn on the water for the shower in the bathroom I used. It seemed like a workable solution to me.

I have a dangerous ability to turn a blind eye to any number of things in my own living situation, that would strike me as odd for being overlooked or disregarded in another person’s home. It has taken a conscious effort to motivate myself to not be that guy who just gives up and lives with unfinished business. I have failed more often than I have succeeded in that endeavor over the years.

It seems counter-productive to be considering a strategy that gives me permission to do the very thing I am trying to learn not to do. Somewhere in there, I hope I discover that some sort of achievable healthy balance exists.

IMG_2204eI did a short walk-around after work yesterday, to check on the water in our drilled holes, the remains of the smoldering brush pile, and a couple of evergreen trees I have propped up. I also walked past the second pile of root bundles, which is on the agenda for further burning, around the area marked for a labyrinth, up through the now-long (and getting longer) grass on the hill behind our house, and into the garage with wood overhead doors that are about shot, and log siding that is overdue for being re-stained and sealed. All of it on hold for the time being.

I did pass by the one tree that tipped under the weight of the last record-setting snowfall, which we are totally okay with, and have no intention of rescuing. I don’t think I have mentioned it here yet. It is the one tree that we were going to need to get rid of, in order to open up a road on the back side of the barn. We were talking about trying to transplant it, but it was going to be a difficult and iffy task with the equipment we have at hand.

Now the decision is made for us, as the roots have broken, and there is no sense trying to save it. We got lucky on the loss of that one.

…And I am very happy to have an item removed from our list of issues deserving immediate attention around here.

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May 14, 2013 at 7:00 am