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Significant Milestone

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IMG_2207eI walked into the sunroom yesterday afternoon, where it is supposed to be sunny and warm in the springtime, and the scene brought out a chuckle. I have removed my winter jacket from the coat tree inside the front door, but something has kept me from finally putting away the boots, hat and mittens, that remain there.

Maybe I am waiting for that 2-weeks in a row without snow to fully play out.

..     ————–

Hidden in the background of all the projects currently underway at Wintervale, is the work Cyndie has been doing to complete an apprenticeship program with author, Linda Kohanov, to become a practitioner in Eponaquest’s educational model, Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning.

Cyndie has been attending workshops, and engaged in lessons and other projects, off and on for over 2 years. On Wednesday, she traveled to Amado, AZ, for the last session, after which she will have completed her apprenticeship. I will be flying down to join her on the second weekend of her 10-days there, to be a member of the first group of students to be trained by this session’s graduating apprentices.

It is a very significant milestone on this journey that we launched back when we decided to sell our suburban home and find property suitable for horses. Property that had potential for her to create a place where she hopes to train others. Quite simply, it is why we are here.

It feels like a sacred moment. I am looking forward to seeing her in action, in the role she has been envisioning for herself, pretty much since she read Linda’s first book, and then spent time with Ian Rowcliffe and their horses in Portugal.

With all the fence work on our property being delayed as much as has happened, some of the most significant progress could end up happening while Cyndie is in Arizona. It is setting up to be a close finish of her training and our readiness to finally bring horses onto our property.

It adds poignancy to an already special time for us. Let’s hope the weather allows things to work out that way.

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May 10, 2013 at 7:00 am