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Just Wondering

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What would really happen if I didn’t listen to the sales pitch of every slick promotion? What if I didn’t have an answer for every question that I could possibly imagine? What if wearing a face mask in public was easy to do? Oh, wait. I know the answer to that one.

I wonder how many businesses, especially restaurants, will never reopen again after the shutdowns. Are we on the verge of economic calamity, or not? It’s hard to conceive of how much worse it will get before it starts to get better.

Does anyone really question the fact there are “haves” and “have nots?” In the face of that, think about how many times we can find ourselves a member of either one of those two designations for a variety of given situations.

Nothing is so simple that it can’t be seen in more than one way. There is nuance in everything.

I am pondering the possible difference in amount of work required if we would have cut the growth in our empty paddocks sooner and more often, versus waiting until now, when the growth is tall, thick, and laborious to bring down.

I am using the trimmer to provide plenty of clearance around our fences in order to simplify mowing the rest of it with the brush cutter behind the diesel tractor.

All the while, I am remembering how the horses were easily able to keep growth in these spaces reduced to almost nonexistent.

We could have horses and all the work that comes with caring for them or we have unbelievable growth of grass and weeds that I need to mow.

Honestly, we definitely prefer to have horses.



Written by johnwhays

July 12, 2020 at 9:55 am

Wondering Why

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I’m wondering why there are so many people who are inclined toward fear.

I’m wondering why the water doesn’t flow off our property.

I’m wondering why I continue to feel connected to sport teams from where I grew up, despite the many ways they fail.

I’m wondering why people are so quick to polarize.

I’m wondering why I find it so difficult to achieve a full 8-hours sleep in a night.

I’m wondering why brains don’t crave healthy food with the same addictive urge as unhealthy food.

I’m wondering why Cyndie and I tend not to hear delivery trucks that drive up to our house and turn around.

I’m wondering why our pine trees keep dying.

I’m wondering why some dreams linger and others evaporate faster than we can struggle to recall them.

I’m wondering why radicalized extremist purveyors of peace and love don’t receive more recognition.

I’m wondering why fallacies and faulty reasoning are so easily and/or willingly taken as fact by some people.

I’m wondering why more people don’t speak out in the presence of overt bigotry.

I’m wondering why I don’t have a really great picture to go along with a list of wonderings.

I’m wondering why my computer at work suddenly doesn’t have enough RAM to run all the usual applications that I have always used.

I’m wondering why there is such a strong urge to provide answers to things people wonder about.

I’m wondering why rhetorical questions are so fun to ask.

I’m wondering why there seems to be a point where lists get too long to keep a reader engaged.

I’m wondering why I didn’t have inspiration to write about something other than wonderings right now.

I’m wondering why just thinking about love has power to build more love.

I’m wondering why some of people’s most difficult personal challenges tend to be self-induced and basically illusory obstacles.

I’m wondering why I decided to end this list of wonderings right here.












Written by johnwhays

December 11, 2015 at 7:00 am