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Looking Forward

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I am looking forward to the sun setting once and for all on unethical leadership,

on hidden financial arrangements of people in government,

on blatant disinformation and deliberate distortion of reality,

on mocking in any form by someone holding office,

on bullying, period,

on misogyny,

on racism,

white supremacy,



on holier than thou hypocrisies,

on gaslighting,

on selfish disdain for the real suffering of others,

on the belittling of science and those who hold degreed expertise,

on the denial of climate science and the impact of industrialization,

on juvenile petty behavior,

on misuse of funds, privileges, technologies, information,

on complete disregard for protocols,

on profiteering, scamming, swindling, nepotism and cronyism,

on corruption in any form in the United States government.

Why, why would anyone ever support any of that, let alone all of it in one administration over four short years?


Lest we forget the horrors




Written by johnwhays

November 4, 2020 at 7:00 am

We’re Humans

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Sometimes I imagine that it’s possible a time will come when everyone will understand the same realities. I suspect the ultimate truth will have something to do with love and the fact that “we all do better when we all do better.” (Paul Wellstone quote)

With the recent run of media reliving the Apollo 11 moon landing fifty years ago, I’ve been enjoying the glimpses of the worldwide reaction over the accomplishment. During the subsequent promotional tour that NASA scheduled, the astronauts reported a common reaction from people of all the countries they visited.

The throngs of well-wishers weren’t just focused on what the astronauts did. The common chant was, “We did it!” It was commonly seen as something that humans did to escape the bonds of earth and set foot on a different celestial perch.

Here’s to a day when all humans finally realize we truly are one.




Written by johnwhays

July 15, 2019 at 6:00 am