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Thinking Differently

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I overheard a snippet of the impeachment trial yesterday and an analyst’s opinion afterward. Were any minds being swayed? The general opinion was, no. It didn’t sound like the second day added much to the impression clearly accomplished on the first. Then the radio host referenced the Democrats would finish presenting their case by the end of the day.

The Democrats’ case. Why is it their case?

There was an insurrection against our government fomented by the outgoing President. Why isn’t the prosecution supported by all legislators, regardless of political party? He threatened his Republican Vice President’s life! Why wasn’t the entirety of the GOP incensed by this?

The trial should have no party component. Imagine that. Just Senators holding the President accountable for his actions to instigate the riot and his inaction to mitigate the situation as it was raging at its worst. Where was the law and order President when his supporters were beating police with flag poles? He ultimately told the rioters he loved them.

The events of January 6 at the US Capital should obliterate any distinction between the two political parties.

I regret that the prosecution felt the need to bludgeon us so repeatedly with the evidence. One time through with the chronology of the facts would have been plenty. Saying the same things over and over again does not make a point more convincing. If entrenched politicians won’t waver from a partisan position, save us all some time and just vote on the articles of impeachment.

Get it over with and let’s move on to the next priority that deserves congressional attention.

Imagine a dream of politicians debating issues without constraints of political party affiliation. ‘Us versus us’, instead of ‘us versus them.’ What if we were all in this together instead of one half automatically opposing whatever the other half suggests?

Imagine a world of unicorns and rainbows. It would be just as productive.

An exercise of thinking different can be interesting, but the amount of change it will produce is hard to measure. My gut tells me real change is unlikely.

My heart tells me to keep thinking differently, regardless.



Written by johnwhays

February 12, 2021 at 7:00 am

Getting Along

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It has become a daily occurrence to randomly hear a startling eruption of Delilah suddenly darting after Pequenita and chasing her down the hall in a race to our bedroom. Our first inclination is to holler at Delilah about the altercations, but there has been plenty of evidence implicating ‘Nita as the occasional instigator.

We try to pass it off as sibling rivalry, but I suspect the infamous history of perceived animosity between their species is the real culprit. Delilah wants to play like a dog and Pequenita seems to think that is a ridiculously un-feline way to behave.

There is no doubt that Delilah flaunts her size advantage. On more than one occasion, I have seen Delilah simply walk over and stand above Pequenita. Sometimes she will try to augment that with a single paw draped over ‘Nita’s back.

Pequenita’s response depends on her mood. She always seems wary of the possibility things could escalate to a hazardous level, but primarily chooses to be patient and wait out the disturbance in her finest queen-of-the-world repose.

When the canine gets distracted for a second –a guaranteed occurrence, every time– the feline will make her escape. That is the moment the unexpected race to the bedroom suddenly shatters the serenity we might otherwise be enjoying.

Sometimes, when I reach down to pet Pequenita, her back feels wet. I always hope it was just a gentle grooming she received from Delilah’s tongue, and not an attempted “tasting.” We have seen Delilah hold her mouth open, combing Pequenita’s back and tail with her teeth as the cat walks away.

Then we get that look from the dog.

“What? I was just standing here, breathing when she walked by!”

Our house pets are doing nothing to refute the perception that dogs and cats can share living quarters, but it’s mostly a function of barely tolerating each other in the face of a constant preference to rather be with their own kind.

Sounds like a couple of political parties I’ve read about.

Hmm. One method of helping dogs and cats get along well with each other is to socialize them when they are little puppies and kitties.

I wonder if we can devise a way to eventually improve government function by intentionally striving to get play dates between children whose parents hold opposing political views.

I’m not confident the planet will remain habitable long enough to see if that could work.

Living in a house with a couple of pets who are constantly practicing the art of tolerating each other has me frequently thinking about how nice it is when we all just get along.



Written by johnwhays

August 18, 2018 at 9:22 am