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Minds Boggled

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Remember the drama of the blue/black dress that looked gold/white or the audio exercise of hearing Laurel or Yanny? Did you know our eyes only look at a very small area and your brain fills in a guess of what the rest of the surrounding area looks like?

Cyndie set a timer to remind her about a Nova episode on PBS last night but somehow still missed it. I pointed out that as a member of public television, she can stream the program at her convenience. The program she wanted to see was season 50/episode 9: “Your Brain: Perception Deception.”

Our perception of the external world is much less objective than we’d like to believe.

If you have access to this program, I encourage you to spend the time to have your mind boggled about our brains and how conscious awareness manifests.

It is so packed with information that I could watch it over and over and still not believe everything it reveals about how my perception works.

I am so glad there are people who study these things and share what they learn in programs like Nova.



Written by johnwhays

May 18, 2023 at 6:00 am