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Inspiration Fades

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It happens. Inspiration will wax and wane. My enthusiasm for this adventure we embarked on at Wintervale is ebbing away.

It has been a tough week for me. Where we once seemed to be enjoying a charmed life here, with progress advancing in surprisingly magical ways and solutions flowing with unexplainable ease, our situation of late has become a lot less mystical.

Have we gone off track somewhere? I don’t know. It’s life. Sometimes there are more problems than solutions for a while.

I’m sure there are a lot of reasons for businesses to fail. Ours is simply failing to get started.

Full disclosure, I am writing from a state of overworked exhaustion. Why? Hay. Again. And the thought of facing today’s task of manure management, again.

DSCN4976eI threw 100 bales, 200 times yesterday, loading the borrowed trailer and unloading it. Carrying bales up and up to stack them in our shed. It is an endurance exercise where the climb gets higher as the fatigue grows ever more debilitating. At first, the bales seem light, but at the end, they feel a lot heavier.

Today, I need to move the compost piles to make room for more. Since I returned to the day-job, I haven’t been tending the piles in the daily manner I did when I was home all day. Once, every other weekend, is not cutting it.

It’s a buzz-kill.

Meanwhile, there are dangerous trees that broke off and are hung up in surrounding branches over our trail that I need to get after. And siding that needs to be scraped and stained before winter. On Monday, it will be August. Projects that should happen before winter arrives are beginning to loom large.

And we have yet to get our hay-field cut even one time this summer. It has become a field of weeds that are gleefully sowing their seeds for further domination. That is probably the biggest discouragement. It is why we have needed to trailer in more hay than before and it is the exact opposite direction from growing desirable hay ourselves.

It will go a long way to improving my outlook when that field finally gets cut and the weedy debris removed. We have decided to take a full year from hay production and plan to cut it continuously to stop the cycle of weeds growing to their seeding phase. We may also add some recommended soil enhancers and then plant a custom mix of grass seeds in hopes of achieving our goal of getting good quality hay to grow right at home.

That gives me a year of something to look forward to. More mowing. You know how much I love mowing.

Oh, by the way, our lawn tractor is not holding up to the abuse I put it through. I need to shop for something else. Maybe if I do it right, I’ll end up with a machine that I like so much it will change how I feel about cutting grass.

That’s what it is all about here: grass hay and lawn grass. Who knew I would find myself so fixated on a task to which I held such disdain in my previous years?

No wonder my inspiration has a tendency to fade every so often.











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July 30, 2016 at 8:18 am

More Inspired

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The number of decisions that we are facing during this phase of the process we are in is dizzying! Remember that sage advice to always read a document before you sign, and to read the fine print. I wish! It feels like my name is all over the place, and I hardly remember most of what I have signed. And we aren’t even at the two closings yet.

We face more decisions in the coming days, after we identify and check pricing for the various accoutrements and power equipment that the sellers are offering for sale beyond the definition of the mortgaged property documents. One of the significant items of interest is a tractor with 12 forward gears and 4 reverse. Boy, have I got a lot of lessons from the school of hard knocks awaiting me in the months ahead. Unless Cyndie happens to have designs on that job …[grin]. I know better than to underestimate her.

Yesterday, we were able to take our daughter, Elysa, along with us to visit the property again and meet the sellers. My confidence in the successful completion of the pending transactions is growing. The sellers are a wonderful, friendly, and gracious family. I don’t know if it is possible to feel any more inspired about this property, but after meeting them, I’m detecting an even greater motivation to succeed in nurturing the absolute best out of the potential this spectacular property holds.

It was a treat to share the place with Elysa for the first time, and observe the reaction of breathlessness that it provokes.

Yes, this is one of those instances that defines the expression of a scene or experience being “breath-taking.”

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August 31, 2012 at 7:00 am

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