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File Transfered

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Without further delay, I now present the first recorded audio of one of Rocky’s early crowing practices:



Cyndie reported that this was his third of three calls he made on Tuesday morning.

You gotta agree, that sounds pretty cute, eh?

It’s going to be interesting getting used to having a rooster for the first time. Seems like not a day goes by that we don’t learn something new living in the country.

Yesterday, Cyndie reported that she hand-delivered our completed ballots for the November election to our town clerk at her home. We have successfully voted! Glad to have that civic duty completed early. In so doing, Cyndie met our town clerk for the first time. It’s only been 8-years since we moved here.

I guess it could be seen in a good light that we haven’t had much need to be interacting with local officials for any reasons.

With the pandemic looming large throughout the entire summer, we have seen very little of any nearby neighbors.

Wintervale Ranch may not be receiving a lot of visitors lately but soon the neighbors will be hearing a lot of crowing coming from our little patch of paradise.

I look forward to learning what winter has in store for us. I suspect many hours will be spent sheltering in place.



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October 1, 2020 at 6:00 am

Rocky Crowing

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I haven’t heard it in person yet but by Cyndie’s description, our little cockerel is working on his crowing. Yesterday, while I was at work, she texted to report “Rocky the Roo crowed three times”! At that point, I had yet to receive the sound file she included, so I simply relied on her words.

While reviewing my messages last night, in search of another of her fabulous photos to include here, I saw the recording had loaded. I don’t have the up-to-date know-how that would allow me to add the actual sound bite to this post, but I expect I will be able to share a recording eventually. Certainly, as Rocky gains mastery and consistency, I plan to capture some video of his skills, but for now, you’ll have to settle for my description.

His little learning crow was cuuu-uute! In fact, it was tri-syllables that phonetically sounded like: Err-a-errrrr.

Now, just combine that sound with the vision in this image and you get a fine taste of the idyllic life we are enjoying lately at our little paradise.

Yep, that’s Delilah lying in a “socially distanced” position away from the chicken coop.

This all serves as a welcome cleanser of my brain after having witnessed a few too many minutes of the Presidential debate last night that was far from anything resembling presidential.




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September 30, 2020 at 6:00 am

Magnificent Days

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We are enjoying magnificent weather this week for the month of September, although in the back of my mind the very summery temperatures echo too well some of the anticipated ramifications of the warming planet.

No floods or fires in our region at the moment. Just high heat (80°F!) and evolving colors in the tree leaves.

Wandering down the backyard hill toward the opening to the labyrinth, the leaves are still primarily green. Beyond that, there are brilliant splashes of gold, orange, and red showing up with surprising speed.

Our growing season seems to be ever-lengthening, but the end of this summer’s agricultural period is undoubtedly near. The declining hours of daylight aren’t being altered by the changing climate and plants don’t grow so well in the dark.

On the bright side, I think my lawn mowing might be done for the year.

Yesterday morning at work I received a sweet text from Cyndie letting me know that she heard “Rocky the Roo'” making progress on learning how to crow. She said his call had a definite sing-song inflection that was recognizable as the vague hint toward the ultimate “cock-a-doodle-doo.”

I wonder if the magnificent weather days will be just as mesmerizing with non-stop echos of rooster crowing reverberating across our valley. We didn’t check with any of our neighbors about how they might feel about the prospect. At the same time, none of them have ever asked us if their gunshots, barking dogs, hollering for missing cats, or high RPM farm machinery soundtracks have been any problem for us.

I think it a feature, not a bug, of living in the country.

Where pretty much every day is magnificent, no matter what the sounds.