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Double Coverage

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This morning, on our return from the morning chores of feeding and cleaning up after horses and chickens, I asked Delilah to pause a moment to allow me a chance to capture the image of the sloppy snow starting to coat our house and yard.

It occurred to me that the leaves covering our grass were getting covered by snow. Double coverage!

A couple of days ago, the temperature was cold, but it was dry. I photographed some leaves that were decorating the frosty glass table on our deck.

Is it possible that I have waited too long to sweep up the leaves from the lawn? It seems as though snow and cold are nipping at our heels.

Last night the time changed from Daylight Saving Time back to Standard. We moved our clocks back one hour. For the record, animals do not recognize this artificial frame of reference. Delilah did not know that she was waking up earlier than our clocks indicated she should.

It’s only one hour, but it tends to have an impact that feels more significant that sixty simple minutes.

Speaking of double coverage, I end up trying to meld my adjustment to the new time designations with the animals’ oblivion over the change.

Today’s wet snow provided a distraction from what time breakfast was being served for our animals. The falling flakes also make a point that winter weather is nigh.



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November 4, 2018 at 10:58 am

Definitely Re-acclimated

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The weather has me on pins and needles, wondering when the next snowstorm is going to hit. I won’t feel safe until we make it two weeks in a row without snowfall. We are off to a good start: made it 6 days now, without new snow.

I had the opportunity to meet my friend Gary for dinner the other night, in Glen Lake, very much Cyndie’s and my old stomping grounds. Gary and I dined outdoors, on the patio. First off, it was just nice to finally be outside, without needing to have on a winter jacket. But, more noteworthy than that, for me, was the no-longer-as-familiar suburban sound scape. A motorcycle started up in the parking lot beside the seating area, the engine being revved with that loud “bap-bap-bap.” Shortly after that, a siren blared as an ambulance drove past.

I have grown accustomed to our new environment in the country, where I hear mostly songbirds, a dog in the distance, the neighbor’s donkey, and an occasional tractor droning in the distance.

In the grand scale of passing time, it hasn’t been that long since we relocated, but it has been long enough for me to become sufficiently re-acclimated.

The experience served to help me recognize how pleased I am with our new environs. As if there was any doubt.

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May 8, 2013 at 7:00 am