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Making Progress

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Phase one of my surveillance camera installation was accomplished yesterday. I made the drive to Hudson for parts and successfully guessed what I needed and what I already had at home to add a switch and duplex outlet to the existing light fixture over the shop door.

That went well enough to inspire me to consider the possibility of adding an outlet to the base of our spiral staircase in the house by drilling a hole in the floor and feeding wires up from the basement. Our recent rearrangement of furniture in the living area highlighted that our old solution of an extension cord from the wall by the fireplace was not the best plan.

I’m surprised they didn’t think of putting an outlet beneath the stairs when the house was built.

Alas, that idea will have time to mature before I pursue it because I still need to finish what I already started and get the camera mounted at the shop. If I can keep up the momentum, maybe the camera installation can be completed today and I can cross it off the to-do list.

There are plenty of things competing for my attention that enable my aptitude for letting projects dangle unfinished.

I’m not feeling confident in the accuracy of the forecasts for snow that have been getting broadcast throughout the previous week. I’m expecting we’ll see snow but I question how big of a plowing and shoveling effort will be required and which day will get consumed by the work.

If we get less than 6 inches it won’t be a big deal. If more than that falls, I need to make some passes with the ATV in the middle of the accumulation in addition to after the storm has passed. I’ve seen this expected event described as a “long duration” (multiple days) snowfall.

Plowing and shoveling become the wildcard demand for my time and attention. After each “plowable” snowfall, everything else on the to-do list moves down a notch.

That’s sort of moving projects’ progress in a negative direction.



Written by johnwhays

March 9, 2023 at 7:00 am