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No Accumulation

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The following are random snippets of no particular relation beyond being composed in the last hour…

When it snows in April, two of the best words to hear are “No accumulation.” Thank goodness we are not being subjected to a return of the white blanket covering everything outside today. In fact, the precipitation of the last two days has turned our fields much more decidedly green. After so many days in a row last week where it was downright HOT outside, switching back to snow would be a tough pill to swallow. It’s hard not to feel like I’m just getting too old for this.

The horses didn’t seem very happy with the weather this morning, pacing back and forth around the overhang grumpily while I tried to take care of the housekeeping before setting out feed pans.

My spring primping of our landscape is happening in fits and starts. The last trimming I did of bushes and trees is all laying on the ground pretty much where it fell Friday, waiting to be hauled off to some bush pile out of sight. I guess, the truth is there is a significant accumulation of trimmed branches piling up outside.

we are not allowed
to know exactly why
the simple wink of an eye
from someone who is incredibly shy
fails to overtly imply
the end of a sentence
that never got properly finished

In the last few days, there has been news of swift justice demonstrated for a person who leaked top secret documents. Arrest him! Lock him up! Press charges! Why does it take so much longer for some crimes than others?

As much as I enjoy local spectator sports, I have had a difficult time catching our MLS team, the MNUFC Loons, in one of their glory moments. I saw last night’s broadcast of their home game against Orlando City where the Loons scored the first goal. YAY!! Then they allow a tying goal and in the last few minutes of game time, a go-ahead goal to lose. That’s not a spectacle I enjoy so much.

It feels a bit like a cold and drizzly Sunday after a warm and sunny week. However, on the bright side, NO ACCUMULATION of snow!

Thus far.

Afternoon Update:

The snow has gained enough momentum it has turned the surface of our deck furniture white but we are fighting snow with fire to cope.



Written by johnwhays

April 16, 2023 at 10:13 am

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