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Visible Differences

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Yesterday, Cyndie sent me a photo of the colorful energy in Puerto Rico where she and Elysa are celebrating Carlos reaching a birthday numbered somewhere between 65 and 85 years (I wouldn’t dare reveal that it might be ten years away from both of those numbers).

I responded to her text with a photo of my own.

Compare and contrast our respective scenery and company.

I’ll say this much, I’ve got the bluer sky. 🙂

In addition to the smiling faces of Barry and Carlos captured above, they are joined by their mom, Marie, and brother, Steve.

Looks like they are having a pretty good time, eh?

The visible differences between our worlds right now are a function of the invisible contrasts in our personalities. I am thrilled that Cyndie was able to take this trip to a faraway place to be with family. I am also thrilled that I didn’t have to figure out what to pack or deal with air travel and ground transportation. I am thrilled to be home alone for a week with all the comfort and conveniences that go along with that.

I have survived the hassles of traveling to incredible adventures during my life but in general, my preference leans very heavily toward being in my home spaces as much as possible. I am very grateful and incredibly lucky for the number of times Cyndie has been willing to fulfill her wanderlust without me.

Be it ever so [or not so] humble…

My pathway to the barn on Wednesday morning was a slippery block of leaf-pocked ice where I had compacted the snow with repeated trips back and forth throughout the snow season.

That won’t last very many more days. Then it becomes a path of slippery leaves over soft mud until the frost completely leaves the ground and things begin to dry out. That’s when the mind of this home-body begins to think about pumping fresh air into his bicycle tires and going out for a roll on local roadways.

There is no waiting in line at the TSA to go on a bike ride.

Here’s hoping the clouds don’t linger long over Puerto Rico!

¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Carlos!



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