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Each day when I describe details of my experiences it is a function of a basic tenet of writing: write what you know. One thing I know about is the perceptions I have of the activities of my days. Yesterday, I turned my back on the NCAA Women’s national championship game when it became obvious to me that Iowa would not beat LSU and I went out to tend to the horses.

A glance at the reading from our outdoor thermometer surprised me with the number 51. Looking for a second source, I opened a weather app to see what it offered for a current temperature. The reading from Red Wing, MN –twenty miles to our south– was 57°F! I did not expect this level of warming yesterday. The new snow remaining on the ground from the blizzard Friday night was quickly being transformed into water. Our drainage ditches were flowing like rivers.

I have no idea how this fits into the entanglement of the quantum mechanics of our physical world, but I do know that this quick melt significantly increased the level of mud in the paddocks. At the same time, I cannot describe how I occasionally get a sense of someone in Nepal practicing an endless recitation of the mantra “om mani padme hum” as I breathe our air and take meandering steps half a planet away.

The horses were giving me the impression of being spectacularly patient about the slow melt we’ve been having this spring while they were also slipping into behaviors of being annoyingly impatient about getting served pans of feed after I showed up. The impatience is easily soothed by the arrival of their food and the quartet of munching sounds conveys a new meditative peacefulness that I gladly absorb.

It is April and there is a reason to think we might be gardening soon. Does this image look like our garden is eager to get going?:

I’m trying to absorb some of the horses’ patience about the uneven transition from the snow season to our growing season.




Written by johnwhays

April 3, 2023 at 6:00 am

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  1. Re:Each day when I describe details of my experiences it is a function of a basic tenet of writing: write what you know. Wow, John: I was really dismayed to think you hadn’t moved beyond that one: the writing process can be so, so much more, inviting in access to the truths it would reveal – it is called following the ‘golden thread’… (Check out the likes of Stephan H. Buhner) So the revised idea is to write what you need to know. You can find this quote introducing Dressage in the Fourth Dimension by Sherry Ackerman – a remarkable piece of writing and thought that came out of it. The point is that writing – as a process – can solve problems and reveal amazing creative insights into the future – not unlike your words on image projections, which do release this type of thinking, too!!!! All to say, words can be tools not only to represent the past and present, but the future as well, so my advice is to let them reveal what you are craving to see and share with those you love. Your words can welcome in tomorrow before it happens and even make it possible. We don’t need to live in the past and can’t even do that. Yours is to shed your light and incredible insights (and experience) on the future, my dear brother. For you were born to help make it possible – according to the revealings of the words coming to me:-) In short, high time to take your writing to the next level, perhaps.

    Ian Rowcliffe

    April 3, 2023 at 8:38 am

    • Ooooh! Good food for thought. Don’t be dismayed for long, I have about as many occasions of making things up as I do writing what I see and do! My reality is known to stray from what many others are perceiving.


      April 3, 2023 at 12:42 pm

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